100 Factoids About Me!!!

Posted by Dan Thursday, September 01, 2005
Being a bit of an overreactive response, and a five finger exercise in getting it out of my system.

It's no secret to my significant other or any of my friends that I kinda despise blogs and blogging in general. I don't really get in to the whole "telling people about my life" thing, nor do I really enjoy writing about politics or posting pictures, or prattling on about subjects that I don't know anything about. There are, however exceptions to every rule. The bloggers Courtney and I read on a repeating, if not always regular basis are each phenomenal in their own respects, and I have to admit, blogging is a great way to practice writing without destroying acres of prime timberland.

So anyways, I've seen a few bloggers do this meme and pin it to their sidebar, and I think this is a really good way to get to know a writer a bit better. The challenge was trying to come up with 100 interesting things about me while realizing tha fact that, just because it's about me, doesn't necessarily make it interesting. A lesson that many bloggers out there could stand to learn I think.

1. I do best on 4 to 5 hours of sleep per day.
2. My favorite movie is Citizen Kane.
3. Now thak Katie Couric is gone, I am no longer addicted to NBC's Today Show.
4. I absolutely hate to fly.
5. I've been skydiving several times.
6. I was once fired from Sub Pop records.
7. I am a total X-Box junkie.
8. I absolutely hate "reality" T.V.
9. I think that Alex Proyas and David Fincher are absolutely brilliant.
10. I am a recovering alcoholic.
11. I have a bachelors degree in English.
12. I minored in Theology.
13. One of my lifelong goals is to write and publish my own comic book.
14. My favorite writer is Harlan Ellison.
15. I play guitar, but not well.
16. I love DVDs with lots of bonus features.
17. I like graphic novels better than comics.
18. I love minicomics.
19. I hate country music.
20. I'm divorced.
21. I love toys, especially Legos and action figures.
22. Micronauts are my favorite toys.
23. One of my oldest and dearest friends is militantly gay.
24. Many years ago I gave up Rush, Van Halen, and Aerosmith for The Pixies, Radiohead, and Wilco.
25. I think that Pat Robertson is probably the Antichrist.
26. I think the new pope is a dangerous man.
27. I have a scar through the middle of my right hand.
28. I've been to every state in the U.S. except Alaska.
29. I have been swimming in the Red Sea.
30. I've been to Japan, Korea, Okinawa, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Israel, Egypt, India, Turkey, Iraq, Tibet, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Columbia, Nicaragua, Brazil, and many, many others.
31. I had a top secret security clearence for many years.
32. I was in the Air Force for six years.
33. I fought in the first Gulf War.
34. I speak pretty fluent German, though I'm rusty.
35. I have a working conversational knowledge of French and Arabic, though I'm rusty.
36. I worked on the Stealth Fighter project while it was still classified.
37. I have actually been inside Area 51.
38. I have dated a stripper...
39. That stole a lot of money from me...
40. And ended up stabbed to death outside some bar in Texas.
41. I love Rocky Road ice cream.
42. Tetras are my favorite aquarium fish.
43. My favorite web site is www.disinfo.com
44. My dream fling is Hallie Berry.
45. All of our cats are named after comic book or cartoon characters.
46. All of my favorite Aunt's cats are named after federal prisons.
47. One of my favorite girlfriends was a street musician in San Francisco.
48. I am deathly allergic to bananas.
49. I think that Gail Simone is probably the best writer working in comics today.
50. John Cassaday is definitely the best artist working in comics today.
51. I have a birthmark shaped like New Jersey on my left forearm.
52. I love making lists.
53. I am a closet poet.
54. I love my girlfriend Courtney more than anyone I have ever loved in my life.
55. I'm a sucker for 80s pop tunes.
56. I have eaten snake and chocolate covered cricket.
57. I recently discovered that I no longer despise asparagus.
58. I miss my black leather bomber jacket.
59. I hate buying new clothes.
60. I think Matthew Lesko needs a new hobby.
61. My favorite cartoon series is Underdog.
62. Followed closely by Space Ghost.
63. Followed closely by any Chuck Jones Bugs Bunny.
64. I love good coffee.
65. I hate decaff.
66. I have never been lost.
67. I love water skiing and snow skiing.
68. I'm a pretty decent ice skater.
69. I love palindromes.
70. I never feel truely comfortable unless surrounded by books.
71. I once got to drive an Army tank, but they wouldn't let me shoot the big gun.
72. I think the Mafia is preferable to open gang warfare.
73. In a perfect world I would be the new Pope...
74. Though I'm not Catholic.
75. I love cats.
76. I can ride a horse, well.
77. I've been bungie jumping twice.
78. I love independant animated short films.
79. Someday I want to go to Australia...
80. and New Zealand...
81. and Madagascar.
82. Three of my friends have comitted suicide.
83. Two of my friends have drowned.
84. One was shot by the Police.
85. One of my old girlfriends was killed by a drunk driver.
86. I am inordinately overprotective of my friends.
87. I am addicted to Diet Coke.
88. I sing in the shower.
89. Getting me to wear anything other than Jeans, T-Shirts and sneakers is like trying to give a cat a bath.
90. I can't seem to keep a pair of sneakers intact more than six months.
91. E-Books annoy the bejeesus out of me. They're just unnatural.
92. I still own the stuffed panda that I had as a child.
93. I've had seven of my permanent teeth pulled.
94. I don't have any tonsils or adenoids.
95. I am a bleeding heart liberal.
96. I think that Americans as a whole are frighteningly overreactive.
97. I am deathly afraid of loud, sudden noises, especially thunder.
98. I like Star Wars way better than Star Trek.
99. I hate fans at comic book conventions, but I don't mind fans at science fiction conventions.
100. I hate, hate, hated the Lord of the Rings books.

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