Interim Memo 5-15-06

Posted by Dan Monday, May 15, 2006
Soooooo... Fuck Haloscan! I'm done with 'em, we're through, finished, ended, terminated with extreme prejudice. You know, people warned me about Haloscan too. All my friends said, "Dan, I know she's pretty and she seems like a nice girl, but eventually you'll turn your back on her and she'll eat all your comments and never give them back. But did I listen... noooooo. So fine, no more Haloscan. I'm back together with blogger comments, and they actually seem to have their shit together this time. We'll see. Baby steps, right? I Want My Records Back You Bitch!!!!!!

So, okay what else... anyone who bothers to peek back in my archives can see a general trend of loathing for blogging and the whole blog-o-sphere in general. I submit that this has still not dramatically changed, however, lately I've felt this bizarre craving to stay more in touch with my inner content producer. What this means for PSH? More rants... including more poppiness, more snarkiness, and more hooliganism. You'll still get periodic essays, and the movie reviews will still keep trucking along, but I feel the need to start bashing things on a much larger scale. Blame Mark Spurrier at The Great White Bear Speaks and my wife at The Daily Cat Chase , they've both been egging me on.

Just in case anybody happens to be flipping through and spots this post, here's a few new bloggers (well, new to me anyway) that I think are really cool and definitely fellow hooligans.

My new favorite cheesehead is Shawn who does the Cheese Is Moldy Milk blog here on Blogger. He's extremely intelligent, wonderfully entertaining, and a genuinely allright guy. His blog covers all sorts of topics and he has this wierd capacity to tolerate viewpoints other than his own. I'm not quite sure what this whole tolerance thing he's talking about is, but I'll look into it. In the meantime, stop by and say hi.

I honestly never thought I'd be saying this about a c... co... con *ahem* conservative blogger, but if you stop by Vintage Grass Stains you will be hailed and regailed by Miranda, who describes herself quite accurately as a Conservative South Dakotan Neo-Con. Don't hold that against her though, she's bright, witty, extremely intelligent, and she goes into any argument well prepared. She's probably a closet Libertarian.

Finally, in my ongoing quest to prove my theory that everything is better with zombies, check out Zombie-Slayer
you will be entertained. Though I'm still not convinced that he's right about Scientologists.

Anyways, keep watching... there's more posts a comin'.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. ugh. I hate blogger and their 'word verificaiton' crap. haloscan is way easier for me.

  3. Laura Says:
  4. Glad to see you back. I'll have to add you back to my Blogroll.

    Word verification is a pain in the ass, but it beats the blogspam I was getting.

    Gotta love Zombieslayer - too bad he's taking a break.


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