AIT/Planet Lar: Part 5 The Epic Tales

Posted by Dan Thursday, July 06, 2006
The penultimate chapter of my six part AIT/Planet Lar love-in. These are the epic tales, the
ones that deal with long spans of time or larger than life characters. Demo was Brian Wood's grand epic, detailing what would happen if real people got super powers. It was originally published as 12 monthly floppies, and eventually collected into one omnibus edition. True Story Swear to God is the autobiography of Tom Beland , and it is by turns sweet, painful, anxious,
and always entertaining. The book 100 stories is an overview of the original comic strips that served as the impetus for Tom to start writing full-on comics.

Demo: The Collection by Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan

The monthly Demo floppies

The Foot Soldiers: Volume 1
by Jim Krueger, Mike Oeming

The Foot Soldiers: Volume 2
by Jim Krueger, Phil Hester, Bill Sienkiewicz

The Foot Soldiers: The Spokesman: Volume 3
by Jim Krueger, Steve Yeowell

Planet of the Capes
by Larry Young, Brandon McKinney

by Adam Beechen, Manny Bello

Sunset City
by Rob Osborne

Rock Bottom
by Joe Casey, Charlie Adlard

True Story, Swear to God: 100 Stories
by Tom Beland

True Story, Swear to God: Chances Are...
by Tom Beland

True Story, Swear to God:
This One Goes
to Eleven

by Tom Beland


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