Curses! Foiled Again!

Posted by Dan Friday, August 04, 2006
So, I was going to post a scathing indictment of "reality T.V." and how gullible most of the viewing public is, but then this mystery blogger who calls himself Kanrei beat me to the punch. Check him out, he's an excellent writer, and his blog is a by turns sobering and uproariously funny. He focuses on politics quite a lot, but he's a firm beliver in the "spoonful of humor helps the politics go down" theorem, so give him a read. Just to make it easier on you clicky impaired he'll be taking up residence as a fellow hooligan from now on, so you don't even have to google him. (Geez I just love using google as a verb. I can't wait 'till Websters catches up with that one.)

Anyways, the site is called The Kanrei Home for Wayward Lemmings and it's one of the good ones.


  1. kanrei Says:
  2. YOu have made me blush. Not easy to do in cyber-space. Thank you so much. I will get to your level one day, but I am still a rookie compared to you.
    THank you for the plug and link. I have linked to you as well.
    Very nice to meet you,

  3. Dan Says:
  4. Thank you. You're terribly gracious, but I just calls 'em like I sees 'em. :)

  5. kanrei Says:
  6. Will you update already =P
    I got hooked on your site. I need an update!


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