Fantastic Four 2 trailer

Posted by Dan Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I don't care what anybody says, even if the rest of the movie isn't a tenth this cool, it still rates a must see.


  1. Mr. Chon Says:
  2. Maaan, Silver Surfer looks awes--No. I'm still not going to see it. I'm not. NONONONONO! I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU!

    Honestly, we've already seen the Surfer effects in T2. Trust me, my brother, they'll find a way to mess it up. It still has Jessica Alba and her acting skills struggling in that wet paper bag, right?

  3. Dan Says:
  4. I feel your pain, I do... but still.

  5. Mr. Chon Says:
  6. I know...I'll eventually end up seeing it too.

    If it was Torch and Be Grimm vs. the Surfer, then I'd feel better about it. Those two guys did fairly well with a crap script last time.

    Also, just wanted to point out the word verification to publish the comment was "xpope." I am such a nerd.


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