Because he hasn't updated in a while!

Posted by Dan Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Okay, I'm totally using this without his permission, but he hasn't updated his blog in a while, so I'm hoping he'll notice this and throw his ravenous fans (like me!) a bone, and update his damned blog. This is the one comics project for 2007 that I am most looking forward to. Check it out!


  1. Mr. Chon Says:
  2. "Because he hasn't updated in a while is right!":)

  3. This blog just keeps getting better.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. OK, Yes, I suck! I don't do a good job of keeping my blog updated! This is Paul Sizer! I keep the front page of my site better updated. And yes, I am working on BPM, my new graphic novel, and foolishly hope to have it done before the end of the year. And yes, good blogger friends like Dan deserve a bone more often than I give it. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

  6. This blog just KEEPS getting better.

  7. Charles Says:
  8. Hi, Dan.
    In looking up Kanrei of The Kanrei Home for Wayward Lemmings, I found your blog. This is cool. I've been asking friends about Neal Adams for a few years and no one seemed to know anything about him. There he is on your sidebar. Absolutely cool. I'm an old comics nut. I also knew a few of the folks at the now defunct CrossGen Comics. I'm bookmarking you for now, and I'll be peeking in once in a while.

  9. Dan Says:
  10. Cool, thanks for stopping in. I haven't updated in a while, but more interesting stuff is coming. I promise.

  11. Charles Says:
  12. I'll be looking forward to it. Better sooner than later, though.

  13. OMG

  14. beny wahyudi Says:
  15. info yang keren gaan,,
    salam kenal yaa,,,, :)

  16. wulandari Says:
  17. artikelnya menarik juga, semoga bermanfaat
    salam kenal ya gaan.. :)

  18. makasih ya udah share..sangat bermanfaat

  19. dodi arifin Says:
  20. artikel yang bagus kawan, semoga bermanfaat bagi yang baca.

  21. aditya arif Says:
  22. artikelnya oke gaan........??? mantaaaaappppp........

  23. makasih sob telah berbagi, artikelnya keren

  24. rudi bogel Says:
  25. makasih banyak atas infonya, sangat brmnfaat skali..

  26. sangat bermanfaat sekali gaan, makasih yaa :)

  27. nurmayanti Says:
  28. informasi yang oke sobat,,,,, (y)

  29. thanks for share.. :)

  30. justin Says:
  31. nice post (y)

  32. artikenya bermanfaat sangat bro ;)

  33. udung Says:
  34. thank you brother, artikelnya verry good, hehe,,,,


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