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Posted by Dan Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So okay, I haven't really updated this thing in eons, but I haven't exactly been idle either. Case in point is the new review of the excellent new graphic novel from Big Head Press, The Architect. Written by the great Mike Baron and drawn by artist without peer, Andie Tong, it's a stellar read and I highly recommend picking up a copy at your earliest convenience.

The review is located here and I think it turned out well. I really like the new magazine style layout of Blogcritics. The site is much easier to navigate than it was.

As a special note to anyone who cares about things like this, yes... I know that's a picture of The Probability Broach that accompanies the article. I'm pretty sure what happened is that the dingbat BC editor who put the final touches on my review temporarily got all lost and confused when he couldn't find a product picture of The Architect on, and instead of use an outside source for a picture or maybe... oh, I dunno... NO PICTURE AT ALL!!! He instead used something from the same company. Ah well, irritating to be sure, but not the end of the world I expect.


  1. Charles Says:
  2. Hey, its nice to see you back, and like I said, I'd back. I'm not familiar with the work of Andie Tong, but how can you really say he's without peer? Scot Eaton does some excellent work as most of his contemporaries would tell you, and I have still yet to have seen anyone raise the bar on Neal Adams' work. Maybe I'm just an old fart talking out of my butt, just saying though that's an awfully sweeping statement, one that I'm sure is to compliment Mr. Tong, but one that doesn't do justice to others.

    But I could be wrong and I'll do what I can to check out his work. I may even eat my words and regret having said them. But that would be a good thing right, to find someone who does raise the bar?

  3. Dan Says:
  4. Well, we appreciate different artists for different things, and while my prose does run a bit towards the hyperbolic, there are many artists I would consider without peer. Neal Adams, Will Eisner, Winsor McKay, Jim Steranko, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Dave Stevens, Jim Lee... the list is long.

    Andie Tong's artwork is outstanding, and I feel it definitely raises the bar for many of the artists that are widely considered his contemporaries.

    Besides, Neal Adams...phshah! Neal Adams may have fired the opening shots in the war against the "Work For Hire" contract, he may have single-handedly done more for artists rights in comics than anyone in the history of the field, and he may well be one of the greatest comics artists who ever lived, but what have you done for me lately Neal, what have you done for me lately???>:)

  5. Charles Says:
  6. Well, he brings you those Nasonex commercials, for one. :) Not his best art, by any means, but its his. I never really liked the work of Kirby, all his villains were blockheads, literally.

  7. angga Says:
  8. info yang keren gaan,,
    salam kenal yaa,,,, :)

  9. dila zahwa Says:
  10. artikelnya menarik juga, semoga bermanfaat
    salam kenal ya gaan.. :)

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  15. tomy Says:
  16. makasih banyak atas infonya, sangat brmnfaat skali..

  17. eza Says:
  18. sangat bermanfaat sekali gaan, makasih yaa :)

  19. kania putri Says:
  20. informasi yang oke sobat,,,,, (y)

  21. pandu setia Says:
  22. thanks for share.. :)

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