The Art of Juli Adams

Posted by Dan Friday, August 31, 2007 44 comments

Every year our local arts museum The Hockaday Museum of the Arts sponsors an arts festival in Depot Park. Depot is a small park on Main Street in Kalispell, but they cram it full of potters and statue makers, and crafts makers of all kinds, musicians, and artists... lots of artists. I usually don't go because the artists, while good, mostly concentrate on the local landscape and the local flora and fauna. I grew up here. I got local flora and fauna coming out my wazoo. If I want to see the local landscape all I have to do is look out the window.

The wife, however, thinks differently. Being the smashingly brilliant lady that she is and coming here from Illinois, she has a whole different level of appreciation for the local artists (not to mention art in general) than I do. So this year she dragged me to the thing, and imagine my surprise when I ran across this brilliant young lady from the Seattle Washington area.

Her name is Juli Adams and she's a brilliant painter. She also needs to be working in comics (which I gather she is currently not, too bad really.) Her stuff has a definite Slave Labor Graphics vibe to it, and it's just amazing.

Check out her website at Juli

She also has a blog at The Art of Juli Adams.

And if you have a yen to show some love for this wonderful painter, you can get her prints online at

As the owners of five cats, we couldn't resist buying the print pictured at the top of the post. The print is called Showdown, and it captures perfectly that slow build to a hissy fit that all cats go through every so often.

Back from the dead, and ready to party!

Posted by Dan Tuesday, August 28, 2007 17 comments

So okay, I haven't really updated this thing in eons, but I haven't exactly been idle either. Case in point is the new review of the excellent new graphic novel from Big Head Press, The Architect. Written by the great Mike Baron and drawn by artist without peer, Andie Tong, it's a stellar read and I highly recommend picking up a copy at your earliest convenience.

The review is located here and I think it turned out well. I really like the new magazine style layout of Blogcritics. The site is much easier to navigate than it was.

As a special note to anyone who cares about things like this, yes... I know that's a picture of The Probability Broach that accompanies the article. I'm pretty sure what happened is that the dingbat BC editor who put the final touches on my review temporarily got all lost and confused when he couldn't find a product picture of The Architect on, and instead of use an outside source for a picture or maybe... oh, I dunno... NO PICTURE AT ALL!!! He instead used something from the same company. Ah well, irritating to be sure, but not the end of the world I expect.

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