The Importance of Being Chon

Posted by Dan Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back in my SAVANT days there was this one writer who could turn any string of random comics related words into sheer poetry. He was funny, and poignant, and absolutely my favorite of the SAVANT Crew. His name was... Paul T. Riddell.

But, my second favorite writer at SAVANT was definitely... Matt Fraction. Matt created SAVANT, and he eventually stopped writing about comics, and started writing them.

Third on the list was definitely the perceptive and talented Bryan Miller.

...And then there was Matt Terl who could turn a review of the most dog-assed garbage into a marvelous critique.

...Then of course there were all the power players, amazing writers all, including Larry Young, Christopher (Xtop) B. Sebela, Johanna Draper Carlson, Wendi Strang-Frost and her husband Sean Frost, Dan Curtis Johnson, Chris Juricich, and Patrick Neighly.

Then there was this Jeff Chon guy. His reviews were weird and hyperactive, and break-all-your-furniture funny. He wrote like Ambush Bug with emoting by William Shatner, and a swiped copy of Dennis Miller's desk reference set. He was the best of us. When SAVANT packed up its bags and moved to Key Biscayne, he briefly went to Sequart, where he lit up their fledgling web site like a pinball machine, before he disappeared.

Where was he? What happened to this reviewing rock star? Many theories abounded. One was that he'd died, overdosing on a speedball, and spending his last moments writhing in a puddle of his own vomit on the floor of a Parisian bathroom. One theory purported that he'd given it all up and moved to Polebridge Montana on the banks of the Flathead River, where he continues to this day fishing, trapping and living off the land. One theory suggested that he'd moved to the southern coast of Argentina to be with his beloved Mr. T.

Well, I'm happy to report that none of that is true. Like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes, he's back with his very own reali -T- show... no, wait. Let me start over...

I'm happy to report that he's back. Like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes, he's back, and he's just as witty and insightful as ever. Check out his blog Shrillmatic you'll be happy you did. (However don't touch the you tube post or you'll be scarred for life.) Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jeff Chon.


  1. Mr. Chon Says:
  2. I heard this Jeff Chon crumbled under the weight of all the attention he wasn't getting...But so desperately, desperately craved.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. It's about time your punk ass started bloggin. I figured you'd a jumped on that shit right away once all the other critique venues fell through.

  5. Mr. Chon Says:
  6. FUCKING ED!!!

    Drop me an email!

  7. Paul Riddell Says:
  8. That's not Jeff Chon who was definitely Paul T. Riddell. The only reason why that worthless dogfelching weasel hasn't put a shotgun barrel into his mouth like Bill Hicks's famed "big black cock of death" and pulled both triggers is because he's afraid of shooting his mouth off in entirely the wrong way. As it is, I'm glad to have kneecapped the fucker nearly five years ago, and I'll keep doing so if necessary to keep him from writing again.


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