AIT/Planet Lar: The Last Comics Publisher You'll Ever Need!

Posted by Dan Thursday, June 29, 2006
So I had this long, overly complex post all prepared about how much I love AIT/Planet Lar, and about how cool Larry Young is and all the sage advice he's given me over the years. I even had a few rants ready to go about all the bad mouthing he gets on the fan boards, and what I think of those people, then I decided I'd rather accentuate the positive, so I threw it out. Instead, I decided to post a listing of every AIT/Planet Lar graphic novel to date, so that I could see it all spread out in one place, sans commentary. If you're curious about something you see here, go check out the AIT/Planet Lar website. Larry is a master at writing promotional copy and far better at pimping his product than I am. This one is purely a labor of love.

Incidentally, the best place on the entirety of the internet to get your graphic novels is If they don't have it in stock they will absolutely knock themselves silly to get it for you. They're good people, just like the ones at AIT/Planet Lar. So, Let's get to it.

In the hopes that Blogger doesn't blow a fuse, I'm actually going to break this post into the same genre categories that Larry has on the AIT/Planet Lar website.


Astronauts in Trouble:
The Collection

by Larry Young,
Charlie Adlard,
Matt Smith

Astronauts in Trouble:
Live from the Moon

by Larry Young,
Matt Smith,
Charlie Adlard

Astronauts in Trouble:
One Shot, One Beer

by Larry Young,
Charlie Adlard

Astronauts in Trouble:
Space 1959

by Larry Young,
Charlie Adlard

by Joe Casey,
Charlie Adlard

by Jason McNamara,
Tony Talbert

Black Diamond:
On Ramp
by Larry Young,
Jon Proctor

Channel Zero
by Brian Wood

Channel Zero:
Jennie One

by Brian Wood,
Becky Cloonan

The Couriers:
The Ballad of
Johnny Funwrecker

by Brian Wood,
Rob G

The Couriers:
Dirtbike Manifesto

by Brian Wood, Rob G

The Couriers
by Brian Wood, Rob G

Giant Robot Warriors
by Stuart Moore,
Ryan Kelly

Full Moon Fever
by Joe Casey,
Caleb Gerard,
Damian Couceiro

by Rick Spears, Rob G

Johnny Dynamite
by Max Allan Collins,
Terry Beatty

Proof of Concept
by Larry Young,
Damian Couceiro,
John Flynn,
Steven Sanders,
Jeff Johns,
Paul Tucker,
John Heebink,
Kieron Dwyer

Last of the

by Matt Fraction,
Kieron Dwyer

Smoke and Guns
by Kirsten Baldock,
Fabio Moon

Switchblade Honey
by Warren Ellis,
Brandon McKinney

by Peter Gillis,
Mike Saenz


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