Posted by Dan Monday, June 26, 2006

Little White Mouse Open Space #1
By Paul Sizer
Blue Line Pro Comics
US $2.95

It drives me absolutely fucking insane when I have to take extraordinary measures to find things that by all accounts should be easily accessible. In a perfect world, Paul Sizer would be recognized as the creative genius he is, and LITTLE WHITE MOUSE would be at my comics store, stacked ten issues deep every Wednesday and sold out by Thursday. I wouldn't have to tear my hair out trying to find the minuscule Blue Line Pro section in Previews. I could simply grab it off the shelf with my X-Men comics.

This is so not a perfect world, but there is hope. While the rest of the comics buying public is busy making MASTERS OF THE Fucking UNIVERSE the top selling comic for November, an elite cadre of comics fans who appreciate masterfully rendered artwork and top notch storytelling, are going that extra mile to dig LITTLE WHITE MOUSE out of the monthly Previews slush pile.

This story works as a great jumping on point for new readers, as Sizer takes the central character Loo away from her asteroid prison and into "open space", marking a dramatic shift in the series narrative. This is Paul Sizer's fourth LWM mini series and he still rocks. He re introduces all of the central characters by a short synopsis and creative use of several flashback sequences that actually help the story along rather than interrupting its narrative flow. It's a chance for all you cheap bastards out there who wouldn't afford the fifteen bucks for the graphic novels to jump in on one of the greatest comics to come along in a decade.

LITTLE WHITE MOUSE kicks ass! If you're not reading it, your life is empty, worthless, and devoid of meaning. Go to your comics store, give the guy behind the counter $2.95 and the info at the beginning of this review, and make him get LWM for you. If he can't or won't, he is obviously not worth your time and you should seriously consider shopping elsewhere. If you want, just order it online at Trust me on this one folks. It'll balance out your karma for the whole MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE thing.


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