Director's Commentary - The Crow Graphic Novel Review

Posted by Dan Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Yup, this story is absolutely true. I changed the names because I'm quite certain the surviving parties wouldn't want me plastering their names all over the internet.

I originally wrote this piece for an online magazine called SAVANT. It had a weekly section called "Essential", which was basically a long essay about "pick your graphic novel."

Over the few years it was active, SAVANT degenerated drasticly. But I always tried to write by the rules that were set down by SAVANT's heart and soul, the excellent Matt Fraction. If you want to check out his online journal, it's at Matt Fraction's Website. Within the rules that Matt wrote out for SAVANT's review style, there was an admonishment that they didn't want reviews of things like Watchmen, The Dark Knight, etc. and I personally felt that The Crow definitely fell into that "etc." The thing's been reviewed to death.

In breaking those rules, I turned out one of my favorite pieces in the Dan Traeger catalog (such as it is.) Hope you like it.


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