Director's Commentary - Sugar Kat Graphic Novel Review

Posted by Dan Tuesday, May 17, 2005
One of the coolest things about being an online reviewer is that every so often, the creator of the piece you're saying nice things about will get ahold of your review. If you're really lucky, they'll use what you said as a reviewer tag for their book. It's kind of getting published by proxy... except nobody pays you, and you don't really get any accolades other than from your friends that look at you like you're the most pathetic creature on the planet. Not as good as say, getting your first novel published, but pretty damn cool nonetheless.

Ian Carney, the genius writer responsible for many of my absolute favorite comics reads contacted me by e-mail, asking if he could use a blurb from the Sugar Kat review for their upcoming graphic novel collection, Your Ticket To Happiness . This was fairly mindblowing for two reasons. First was how the hell he even got ahold of the review considering SAVANT has been dead for just over a year (though the archive is still up.) The other brain scrambler was why on earth was he asking me to use my work as a blurb. Nobody had ever been that thoughtful towards me before. Maybe they're just more polite in England.

Anyone who wants to get ahold of a copy of Where's It At Sugar Kat? The Thin of the Land should order it online from (I actually much prefer Khepri, but they're out of stock. I'll have a post about Khepri later to tell you why.)
and if you're interested in where Sugar Kat comes from, check out Your Ticket To Happiness when it hits the shops. It's a collection of Ian and Woodrow's anthology comic Sugar Buzz, and it's sure to be spectacular.


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