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Posted by Dan Monday, May 23, 2005
So, I was fishing around on Blogger the other day, mostly looking for other movie review blogs, just to see what was out there. In my meandering, I stumbled across one of the best online reviewers I've seen, and trust me, I've seen quite a few. So, anyone in need of some sharp, insightfull, witty commentary on what's new on the whole movie scene, go check out Courtney's Blog: Movie Reviews.

And if you want to see more from this marvelous movie reviewer, you can also go check out her main blog Courtney's Blog: My thoughts... or lack there of.

Oh and while you're at it... if you're curious about where she gets her prodigious writing talent, go check out her mom's blog Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather.

Trust me, I will not steer you wrong here.


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