Director's Commentary - The Origin of These Review Posts

Posted by Dan Saturday, May 14, 2005
Okay, so....

Before I caved and finally got my own Blogger account, these posts were always posted on (girlfriend) Courtney's blogger journal first, so I figured I'd add little snippets of behind the scenes stuff to keep anyone who reads both The Daily Cat Chase and this one interested. It was such a good idea that I think I'll keep doing it.

So, this is the deal. Courtney is the poster child for adult ADD, and as such, is a fidgety widget when it comes to watching movies in a real-life honest to Gawd movie theater. She has little to no appreciation for the overpowering smell of stale popcorn and body sweat, the sticky floors, the obnoxious children two rows behind us, the insanely tall bastard that invariably sits in front of her (she's 5'2"). Anyway, you get the picture. Me, I love the whole movie going experience. To me, seeing the characters up on that huge screen, hunkering down with a soda, snax, and that aforementioned stale-assed popcorn... it's a little slice of heaven.

I hate going to movies by myself. I want to dissect them afterward, and it just doesn't work if your lifemate and ultimate sounding board hasn't seen the flick at the same time. Yes, I do have buddies that would go with me, but I don't want to dissect with them. They have a tendency to think the same way I do, and that's no fun at all.

So, in her ultimate wisdom... not to mention a "you put the b in subtle" attempt to get me writing again, she hit on this deal. A pact with Mephistopholes if you will: I write one of these reviews, she sucks it up and takes me to the show. I cannot tell you how much I love this woman.


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